Posts featuring good times had during family photo sessions throughout all of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Everything from the conventional to the unconventional for those families who value unposed photography of the meaningful moments. 


Documentary family photography sessions can be a HUGE mental shift from the types of family photo sessions we are used to participating in, especially for families in the Northern Virginia area who tend to invest in family photos quite frequently.

The importance of not forcing a story during your documentary photo session with Alexandria VA family photographer Janae Bixby

A family lays on the floor while assembling a puzzle with their sons.

Here’s a few reasons why a documentary session will change the way you approach family photos AND the way you FEEL about family photos.

Why Hiring a Documentary Family Photographer Will Change the Way You Feel About Family Photography & Breakfast and Puzzles at an Alexandria, VA Family Home


A family journal, of sorts. For when my memory eventually WILL fail me (probably sooner rather than later).

Why Photos Are So Important to Me

Hi I’m Janae and the artist behind These Days Photography, a family photography business. Welcome to the family photography BLOG. 

Every one of us carries a unique story, and these stories are worth telling, and telling them with heart. Whether it's the joy of family gatherings, the sweetness of newborns, or the journey through life's milestones, let's celebrate every moment - from the beginning to the end.

I am not just your photographer- I am your story teller. Through my lens, I aim to freeze those moments in time, preserving your personal history, your family's legacy, and even the tales of generations yet to come. Together, let's create a visual narrative that speaks volumes about the beauty of life. Welcome to the adventure of storytelling through photography!

I hope that as you browse through my family photography, you are able to see the unique sense of humor in the small moments of each family's day. The best part about family photography in the Washington DC area is that there is such a beautiful variety of families and backgrounds, that I don't have to look for something I've never seen before. 

For those brave enough to ignore what we think other people want to see, and instead capture what we want to see

Family Photography for the Real

Ready to document your everyday with me?