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I can't wait to capture your next gathering, grocery store trip, or a coffee with a friend. Documentary-style photography is for all-types of people, but especially those who value meaning over beauty. You don't have to be a family with little kids to want to document your life. Family is so much more than parents and children, it is the people you chose to make meaningful connections with. 


Why Hiring a Documentary Family Photographer Will Change the Way You Feel About Family Photography & Breakfast and Puzzles at an Alexandria, VA Family Home


A family lays on the floor while assembling a puzzle with their sons.

We’ve all been through the drill of family photographs—whether it’s hiring a pro with a camera or enduring Aunt Norma’s enthusiastic attempts at a family reunion photoshoot, demanding everyone to squish together and gaze at the camera. Experiences may differ, but chances are, you haven’t delved into the realm of an extended documentary session. Brace yourself for a shift in not just how you approach family photos, but also in how you truly FEEL about them. Here’s why a documentary session is about to revolutionize your perspective on capturing those precious family moments:

They will be the most unique photos of your life:

No one else will have images quite like the ones you’re about to receive. We can’t even begin to anticipate what your photos will unveil during the session. It’s a visual journey unique to you, something neither you nor anyone in your circle has ever witnessed before. Why? Because no one else inhabits your world or lives your life. This isn’t about striking poses with the same tired prompts used by a multitude of photographers. Instead, it’s about authentically being you. And when you revisit those images, they won’t evoke memories of the stress-inducing efforts to coerce your family into dressing up and smiling. No… they’ll be a vivid recall of the finest moments in your everyday life—a collection that doesn’t just capture moments but makes you FEEL and REMEMBER the true essence of who you are.

You can do whatever you want (and so can your kids):

Who says you have to flash a smile when you don’t feel like it? Feel like giving your kids a bath? Go for it. Not in the mood to dress the little ones? Let them run around in their birthday suits. If your kids would rather play than sit and smile, that’s precisely what I want to capture. WANT TO SIT AND ASSEMBLE A PUZZLE? Game on! Forget about society’s expectations for photos and focus on what feels right for you. Do what brings you joy. Tend to what needs your attention. Embrace the moments you’ll look back on in the future with a smile. It’s all about doing things your way.

Whatever surrounds you in those photos will be some really cool nostalgia in 20 years:

You won’t find that level of sentimentality in a generic green field, an unfamiliar park, or even in the sterile confines of a photographer’s studio. These photos are about capturing the raw beauty of your surroundings, the authentic backdrop that tells the unique story of your life. It’s not just a snapshot; it’s a time capsule waiting to evoke the most extraordinary memories two decades down the road.

It’s so easy, you basically need to do nothing:

Perhaps you’ll find a smidge of motivation to tidy up your place a bit before the session—or maybe not. That sink full of dishes? Leave it be if that’s your vibe. No need to rush into an early morning coffee routine; we can capture those cozy moments right there during our time together. Let’s turn your coffee-drinking ritual into a visual tale. After all, the essence of it all is about embracing your real, unfiltered life.

And that’s exactly what the P. Family did during their in-home photo session. They did all the things a family does- cook, eat, drink coffee, and play!

An In-Home Documentary Photo Session in Alexandria, VA

Listen, I’m crazy about puzzles. Can I indulge in them? Not a chance. My 2 and 4-year-olds make sure of that. Do they engage with puzzles in the conventional way? Nah, they prefer tossing and mouthing the pieces.

Now, let me tell you about Sarah and Eli’s twin boys—puzzle prodigies in the making. I’m convinced these kids will one day rule the world of speed puzzlers (yes, it’s a real thing: I had the absolute pleasure of spending two delightful hours in their home. We hung out while the family whipped up breakfast, tackled puzzles and magnetic tiles, multiplied numbers (yes, these 3-year-olds are mini math wizards), and just basked in the warmth of their beautiful home, complete with their adorable dog, Hermione.

This family? They radiate love and connection, and you can feel it in the way they look at each other. Our paths first crossed at daycare, and I’ll never forget the backyard bash for their twins’ second birthday. It’s where my kids discovered a love for kid-sized construction vehicles, of which I now own four. I’m beyond thrilled that they welcomed me back to capture the everyday moments of their life (and I am hoping that some of these photos might find a spot on the walls adorned with 150 other mixtiles, actual number TBD but may be much higher).

Meet Sarah and Eli, the proud parents of these two bundles of energy who are not just super-fun but also incredibly sweet. Their twins are all about counting, puzzles, and building. Yet, what Sarah and Eli cherish most about this time with their boys is the sheer silliness that fills the air and the Eskimo kisses that one of their sons is fond of sharing.

I had the privilege of witnessing all the delightful chaos, the silliness, and yes, even the Eskimo kisses. How fortunate am I to be able to freeze those moments in time? Yet, amidst all the magic, nothing lit up those toddler faces quite like their parents “performing” magic during our photo session—booming belly laughs and a parade of silly faces. We captured it all, and now they have these cherished memories to hold onto.

Documentary Family Photography in Alexandria, VA

Janae Bixby as These Days Photography offers stress-free and fun photo session at your home, at ice cream shops, at the grocery store, or wherever you get your coffee. From the kitchen to the basement, let’s take photos where your family spends their time and change the family photography experience for the better.

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